Expo Clarafosca. At El Local, Cardedeu (Spain), 2017

During the end of the year of 2017, my friends asked me to improvise a mini exposition in their studio El Local at Cardedeu. And I had the pleasure to expose some of my illustrations. 

El Local www.el-local.com is a shop and studio at the same time. They do commissions from illustration, typography, graphic development, branding, communication campaigns and art exhibitions. 

The exposition was composed of 9 from 15 in total small ink illustrations (not all showed on the expo). You can check individually on my illustration ink section, here the link.

This series of ink illustrations, were made with the intention to show one by one, different moods on each girl from each artwork. With the entire series, you can appreciate the artist’s feeling that she wanted to express in the unity of the series illustrations. All made during the month of October 2016.