Exposició al Carrer, Contorno Urbano. At l’Hospitalet (Spain), 2016

contorno urbano graffiti

Contorno Urbano is the foundation who organized the street exhibition. Contorno Urbano is a project created by the Cultural Association L’Hurbart and Kaligrafics in Hospitalet. Cultural entities linked to the public art space, urban creativity and education.

They always try to promote public art projects to brings culture closer to people. And are a mean of urban regeneration, education and empowerment of the citizen within the city.

What at first glance is a purely aesthetic intervention, if carried out within social participation projects generates new dynamics in the area. Also, dignifies the public space and gives special identity to some demands.

Non-permanent art displays and works also help bring art closer to citizens and provide artists with opportunities.

exhibition al carrer contorno urbano, street art graffiti clarafosca

In this collective exhibition event we enjoyed with the presence of the temporary urban gallery, life painting, music and food stalls.

This street expo was a collective event, different artists from visual art disciplines showed their art to everyone who came to the exhibition, even people who just came across from the street.

I exposed a series of 4 prints from original watercolour illustrations. Each artwork is compound of a couple of animals. Those animals are the opposites but mixed together in oneself. This give to the viewer a question to ask. Are you a predator or a prey?

During the event, I also did a graffiti live painting near the street gallery. On a ephemeral wall surfaces made with 9 carbon boxes. 

exhibition al carrer contorno urbano, street art graffiti clarafosca