MovArt*. At Espai Jove La Fontana (Gracia), Barcelona (Spain), 2017

movart art event exhibition barcelona

The Espai Jove La Fontana is a public youth facility in the district of Gràcia, Barcelona, run by citizens, coordinated by the Barcelona Youth Council. They offer a diversity of cultural activities, events and exhibitions.

This time, La Fontana welcomed this art collective exhibition called MovArt*. A range of artists from different disciplines, exhibited their artworks in La Fontana gallery space and other places around Barcelona. 

The main theme in this case was ART in every rule, in order to create-promote life with what vibrates us.

My exposition was composed of 7 (from 15 in total) small ink illustrations (not all showed on the expo). You can check individually on my illustration ink section, here the link.

movart Barcelona art exhibition event clarafosca

MovArt* event is created to share art itself and promote another project called ULU. This first seed aims to promote all artists, make their unique expression known. Showing this artistic project and more magical encounters that took place during the same dates of this event.

Is it possible to follow the heart? The ULU documentary film talks about the relationship with the sense of a conscious path, that reveals the most valuable thing in life.

This series of ink illustrations, were made with the intention to show one by one, different moods on each girl from each artwork. With the entire series, you can appreciate the artist’s feeling that she wanted to express in the unity of the series illustrations. All made during the month of October 2016.