Spray caps, valves, diffusers, nozzles,…

The cap is the place where the spray paint comes out. A spray would be useless if there wasn’t some way to allow its contents to escape in a very controlled way.

For that, the spray is equipped with a valve that allows the paint to escape when it is activated, passing the content of the spray through this dosing nozzle that we call cap, valve or diffuser that atomizes it into very fine particles of aerosol.

Then, release the button and the spring closes the valve again. I still remember, back in times when I was starting to paint with spray cans, you had to experiment to make certain strokes.


Nowadays a great variety of caps has been developed and can help you to elaborate your pieces and artworks with spray paint. There are a number of different variations, from caps with a fine line of 1 cm or less, depending on your skill, to a clean line of 25 cm.

Each cap has its own function that adapts to a specific need. For that reason you will need to adapt the distance between the wall and your spray can. Usually is between 5cm and 20cm, depending on the speed of the movement.

Its mode of use is very simple since it is only put on top of the spray and can be removed with great ease. Caps are the device responsible for giving shape, strength and reach to the spray paint’s shot.

To get the most control, quickest fills and proper effects from your spray can, it helps to have a wide range of caps on you all the time, but I personally use the same one and changing it from one can to another. 

There are companies that manufacture sprays exclusively to make graffiti and they are very especialised of many models of caps. The ones I use the most are the MTN Caps. This type of caps are compatible with almost all the most recognized brands.

However, you can find lots of online shops that explains the functionality of any kind of cap. 

Sometimes, if the cap allows it, you can clean it and reuse it for the next day. Is good for your pocket and also you don’t waste to much plastic. Therefore, once your piece of artwork is done, you clean the cap, so that the aerosol paint remains in it do not dry out and the spray cap be reused.

To clean the cap, all you have to do is press the button with the spray upside down until only gas comes out (you don’t see any paint, just transparent gas). In this way the valve and the duct will be clean of paint.