Street Wise. Tribute to Treze, collective exhibition. At Contorno Urbano, Hospitalet (Spain), 2019

street wise treze exhibition tribute grallery contorno urbano

“Street Wise” is a tribute exhibition to Treze, one year after his death (Barcelona 1986 – Sabadell 2018). This event was organized by Treze’s family and friends in the gallery of Contorno Urbano, in Hospitalet near Barcelona.

The exhibition doesn’t show Treze’s artworks (you can check Treze’s Instagram here @acidcollapse) but it collects about 50 pieces from 50 street artists, made exclusively for this exhibition. These artworks are a way of respect and honor Treze’s life and work.

Treze was my graffiti crew mate and brother from another mother since 2006, with all other members from our CMYK team. He was an important asset to the team, a key when painting murals together. Always trying to push the team for a better results, aiming to evolve in the panorama of street art for the walls we planned on our graffiti meetings.

Treze (@acidcollapse) took always seriously the art of graffiti and had big respect for this discipline, that encouraged all of us to do the same. 

Treze was someone who resonated very strongly in the lives of many people and to whom we humbly want to honor and remember.

This was my illustration input, made with love, for this collective tribute exhibition, at Contorno Urbano’s gallery.

Contorno Urbano is the foundation who organized the tribute exhibition of Treze on their gallery. Contorno Urbano is a project created by the Cultural Association L’Hurbart and Kaligrafics in Hospitalet. Cultural entities linked to the public art space, urban creativity and education.

Tretze, you will always be among us. ALWAYS STRONG. Thank you for teaching me a lifelong lesson that you’ve left to me, and all those who loved you. Rest in peace Guillem Vivas. We will always love you. We’ll meet on the other side. #trezeforever